DIY: Sock Toy for Dogs

Posted on June 18, 2014 by Feathers & Tails Admin | 1 Comment

This is a really simple DIY dog toy, I didn't even bother to photograph what you need and how to make it, but you can see some photos of Bellie thoroughly enjoying hers!

You need:

Old sock (the stinkier the better)



Wrap the ball in the sock and tie a knot in the end to secure the ball inside the sock. I know, simple right. 

Simple but genius! We have a serial sock thief/killer in our house, she catches you unaware and before you realise what is happening...she's off, scurrying away to the nearest hiding place with a sock dangling from her gnashers.

Well this offered a good ten minutes entertainment for her, we played tug and chase. It didn't last long as she did indeed 'kill' the sock and out popped the ball but it was worth it as she definitely enjoyed it. Hopefully your dogs will too. If they don't seem too interested you could try using a kong or similar treat dispensing toy inside the sock, which offers a bit more of a challenge for them and we all know food is the way to a pups heart. 

Thanks for reading!

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June 22, 2014

Brilliant idea, so simple. Murphy is the worlds worst sock thief.

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