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Belsie loves to chew! We have always encouraged this (making sure she chews the right things) as chewing releases feel-good chemicals from the brain and helps to relax and keep your furry friend happy. It's also good to keep them occupied and use up some energy, as well as making sure those pearly whites stay as clean and healthy as can be!

Above is her top three favourite chews, and today we will be featuring the left chew, the very popular antler. These are naturally shed year round after the rutting season, this allows the deer to grow a new pair ready to impress for the next season. Thanks to this clever process it allows for a healthy and natural dog chew to be available, that is sustainable and free from any additives or chemicals. 

Belsie has over five antlers in an array of chewed up states, however it has been known that some dogs are a bit bemused or not really interested in chewing them when you first offer it up. If this is the case then it helps for you to understand what is inside the antler, as this is the most appealing bit! The chewing action helps to break down the antler into tasty bites which exposes the dry marrow inside, this is the part that is mildly smelly and the real interesting bit for a dog. If your pup isn't quite sure how to get at it, try rubbing with sandpaper to get some of the scent to the surface or even better (for them I'm sure), rub some soft cheese or peanut butter on one of the ends, you dog is bound to spend some quality time with it that way!

The reason we love these natural chews so much is that they do not splinter, they do not make a mess, they do not smell and they do not contain any rubbish.

They are suitable for puppies and all ages, they are very long-lasting and they are full of goodness and minerals.

Check back soon to see which of her favourite chews we will feature next!

Remember to buy the correct size for your dog, also making sure to take it away when it is worn down enough to pose a choking risk, check that the dog is not trying to break the antler in half and just chewing at it and always supervise your dog.

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June 18, 2014

your posts are amazing. you are so knowledgeable. you are making me want to buy a doggy so i can bake them snazzy bites. are they okay for human consumptioon?

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