Breed Focus: French Bulldog

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Today we're bringing you the first in our monthly series 'Breed Focus'. The name is a big clue as to what it entails and of course we couldn't help but start with the inspiration behind our brand...the French Bulldog!


The French Bulldog actually originated in England, it was bred to be a miniature sized version of the English Bulldog. They mostly belonged to lacemakers as companion dogs with ratting capabilities as well. When the lacemakers made their way over to France for better opportunities, they bought along their dogs which meant the breed flourished.  


Small but substantial is a good way to describe them, with a short body and a brachycephalic face they look sweet and loveable but are strong and sturdy too. A French Bulldog known for its big bat-ears, small stump tail (natural, not docked) and sleek short coat that is low maintenance (but prone to shed) similar to their easy going nature. A glum expression but with large expressive eyes, what is not to love!


Typically a quiet breed (although we have the anomaly), and usually polite to everyone. Their nature is both humorous, mischievous and stubborn, if they don't want to do something...then those heels dig in and they will not budge. Firm and consistent training is necessary. Frenchies are loving companions who thrive on human contact, this makes them very unsuitable for owners who are out all day or kennel living. You can expect snuffles, snorts, sneezing, snoring...a house with a French Bulldog is not a quiet home at all!


Although they do not require much exercise, they can easily turn into a couch potato. Some do love a game of fetch and all need a couple of walks a day. 

What to watch out for...

As a brachycephalic breed they are prone to overheating, elongated soft palate and narrow airways resulting in breathing difficulties and skin problems. The ears and facial wrinkles are very susceptible to dirt and dust and do require daily cleaning. They can also experience spinal abnormalities. Even though they clearly do not realise will happily jump up and do 180 flips if the opportunity arises!

Why you can't imagine life without one, once you have one...

French Bulldogs are wonderful companion dogs with a gentle nature, happy to be beside your side all day or waiting outside the bathroom door when you are the other side! They are mischievous with a big laughing face, you can't help but smile when you catch their eye. Making them a little clown, with a big heart to give. 


With an ever increasing popularity with this breed is it very important to do as much research as possible before deciding on a French Bulldog. All dogs have specific requirements so make sure you are able to provide these and find a reputable breeder to minimise risk of breed-related illness. Recent statistics show the French Bulldog as most popular in the Kennel Club Utility Breed. Because of this increase in popularity rescue groups across the UK are being set up, so be sure to check these first. 

And please come back next month to see what breed we will focus on next! 

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Helen Robinson
Helen Robinson

June 02, 2014

I love Frenchies. More of the same please, perhaps on Pugs and Boston terriers.

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